Wednesday, May 19, 2004

"Go Chris, Go Chris, It's Your Birthday!"

Li'l old me again. This entry 'round, i'm gonna talk about my favorite day in the whole world. Christmas? No, but close. My birthday. To me, your birthday is like you own special holiday. A day of presents and people being nice to you. I love my birthday! Can you tell? Heh.

I spent all morning cleaning and my friends arrived around 5:00. Dennis, Jimmy, and Tristan were the ones in attendance. Apparently, they're the only ones that give a rat's ass, but that's fine by me. Just goes to show you who my real friends are(More on that in a future post). I'm glad they all came. Anyway...We went to go play miniature golf, but the place wasn't open, which was strange since it was open last year on my birthday. So instead, we went straight to dinner at the Abington Alehouse, and had a great time. The waitress seemed to be hitting on Jimmy, and Dennis told us the legend of Mini-Golf Island. I got my meal for free, cuz it was my birthday. The only catch? The staff comes out and sings to you.

Staff(singing): "...Happy Birthday To Youuuuuu...."
Jimmy: "Woo, Chris! You Rock My Socks Off!"
All four of us burst out in laughter.

After dinner, Jim had to go, while the rest of us went to go see a movie. On the way, Denni regaled us wth his Nixon, Carter, and Kennedy impresions. Hilaious shit, man. Unforunately, none of us bothered to check the movie times...So, a movie was out of the well, picture. So, we hung out at the mall for a while, and then went our seperate ways. Oh, and i picked up "Blood Throne," a movie by legendary japanese film director Akira Kurosawa. EVERYONE REALLY NEEDS TO CHECK OUT AT LEAST ONE OF HIS MANY AMAZING FILMS. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. Upon getting home, i got food poisoning, but that's a small price to pay for a great birthday. Lovely note to go out on, huh? Well, until next time, this is your wandering samurai, signing off.


In The Beginning...

Hi folks, and welcome to my first entry of my new blog. My name is Chris, and here is where i will be discussing everything from personal beliefs and what i do in my free time to what's going on in the world or hell, even what i may have had for breakfast. So, thanks for reading, and please, bear with me...As there will be many ups and many downs, but good bloggin' nonetheless.